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No time to track stock market? Don't worry! Anil Singhvi brings a new show for you - Bazaar Aaj Aur Kal

Nov 20, 2019
There are scores of people who have this deep and earnest desire to rake in the big moolah from stock market but what they don't have is time because of their busy schedule - at the office, with the family, or even managing businesses. Yes, understandably, they just don't have the time to track the share bazaar to know what's happening there or where to invest their money to make it grow. But fret no no longer! Bazaar Aaj Aur Kal from the prestigious house of Zee Business is here!

With the sharp business acumen and detailed market insights, our share bazaar experts shall do a wrap-up show on Trading Days to summarise all the top action of the day that one might have missed. It's a 22-minute show focusing on the eminent trading voices of the day, the triggers and events that shaped the day followed by what to expect and lookout for the next day.

Showcasing the key happenings and drivers of the Market, Bazaar Aaj Aur Kal aims to be the one-stop-shop for daily Business, Finance & Market related news of the day. The show will be aired from Monday to Friday 7.26 pm and 9.26 pm.

Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi will share the highlights of the day and explain how, when and why these activities unfolded and impact thereof. A line-up of Experts and Research Analysts will then delve into sharing their insights to give a holistic comprehension to the viewer and the impact on his/her stocks and market portfolio.

Commenting on the launch of the show, Anil Singhvi said, “With dynamic changes in the market, it is critical for an investor to constantly stay tuned to what is happening, which are the contributing factors in the events of the day and where they are headed tomorrow. These valuable insights are provided in this exclusive market wrap-up show Bazaar Aaj Aur Kal since viewers are so busy throughout the day – at home, office or in their own routines - that they might miss out the happenings during trading hours. So, we bring to you an evening show - Bazaar Aaj Aur Kal to get you in sync with all that has happened in the market today as well give you an edge on what is expected tomorrow.”

Zee Business brings you fast, accurate, and actionable business news and market updates to help grow your wealth.

Report By: Sheena Amin
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