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Pilu - A relatable yet culturally illustrious story

Jan 10, 2022
Zee Bangla is a pioneer in bringing to screen inspiring stories from society; stories of women who become a guiding light for others as a way of leading life. Be it Uma's resoluteness in achieving her dreams as a cricketer or the inescapable positivity and love of Mithai.

Music has its own regimentation and discipline; a rigour that is essential to hone ones' skill and finesse. Music is also about a passion; it's a lived experience stemming from the spontaneous association of our hearts.

Music moves us, subconsciously and spontaneously; it is this magic of music that makes it a universal emotion; an emotion that cuts across styles, genres, languages, and touches everybody through its melody and rhythm.

Pilu is a lively girl who finds solace, joy and happiness in her unfettered love for music. For her happiness finds an expression through her songs; songs which represent her state of being at the moment.

Residing in a village nestled in the lap of mountains and streams, Pilu stays with her mother and grandfather who makes some quaint folk musical instruments. Growing up in an environment where music is organically woven, Pilu is naturally in love with folk music and finds expressing herself through music.

Aahir a competent and trained classical singer happens to visit Pilu's residence in search of an instrument which Pilu's grandfather makes. Ahir is a musical prodigy of Pandit Aditya Narayan of Suromondal Protisthan. He has a laser sharp focus and is tunnel visioned as he has a hint that if he keeps maintaining his superiority in his musical conquest, then he may one-day be the one heading Suromondal Institute.

Pilu's story will take us through the twists and turns of how two seemingly different people come together; how does Pilu's spontaneity win over the hearts of classical training.

The concept is entirely developed and produced in house and directed by Rajendra Prasad Das and written by Shaswati Ghosh.

Megha Daw, who has already created her mark as one of the finalists of 'Dance Bangla Dance'- has been cast as the protagonist 'Pilu' and the male lead 'Aahir' will be portrayed on-screen by Gourab Roychowdhuri.

The show boasts of an ensemble cast, while the young generation is represented by very popular actors like Idika (of Rimli fame), Rudrajit and Soumi, the senior characters are represented by veterans of the television industry like Anjana Basu, Kaushik Chakraborty, Biswanath Basu and Aditi Chatterjee.

Along with regular preparations for their role, Aahir, Pilu and Ranjini are going through rigorous training to learn the instruments that their characters are playing on-screen from the music director of the show - Upali Chattopadhyay.

The show boasts of an illustrious set both in Kolkata and Chandannagar where 'Suromondol' is portrayed besied the river Ganges and the earlier episodes being shot in the background Jaggadhatri Pujo.

Come witness the Musical Love story – PILU starting today, 10th January, every day at 6:30 PM

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