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&Prive HD presents World's First Twin Screen trailer to #FeelTheOtherSide of cinema

Sep 29, 2017

&Privé HD, the new premium English movie destination from the house of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd., is staying true to its promise of presenting a superior movie viewing experience to the non-conformist cinema lovers. Launched on 24th September with the premiere of Oscar winning movie Moonlight, the channel is leaving no stone unturned with a 360-degree marketing campaign promoting the Indian television premieres of movies like Moonlight, Pele, Jackie and Lion amongst others, across various digital and on-ground platforms.

With a strong emphasis on digital marketing innovation, &Privé launched a unique technology on its social platforms - world's first twin screen trailer. The channel, which is specially designed for those who look beyond the usual and delve into the introspective minds of the protagonists, this technology gave viewers a sneak peek into what to expect from &Privé ahead of its launch. This distinctive technology enabled viewers to experience the other side of cinema with the help of a second device in a fun and engaging manner. While one screen showed the obvious, the other screen presented a second perspective, perfectly encapsulating and displaying the channel philosophy.

All viewers need is two devices running simultaneously. On one device, log on to feeltheotherside.com and on the other, ftos.co. Enter the code on Device 1 and hit validate. Hit play on device 2 and experience the magic of two sides. This technology aims to redefine the movie trailer watching experience for the viewers, allowing them to connect with the film at a deeper level.

Click here to experience the other side now.

Along with technological innovations, &Privé also presented striking installations on-ground for the audiences. For the premiere of Moonlight, the channel created a larger-than-life installation of a gun on a rainbow coloured platform. In line with the theme of the movie, the gun signified the protagonist Chiron's upbringing in a rough neighbourhood of Miami and his journey of becoming a gangster whereas the rainbow colours of the platform, which symbolizes the LGBT community, perfectly summed up his struggle with his sexuality. For the premiere of Pelé, &Privé HD paid an ode to the legendary footballer with a magnificent installation of a life-size goal post with the numbers 1281 made out of multiple footballs depicting the total number goals Pelé scored.

With an endeavour to push the boundaries of how brands are marketed, &Privé HD is surely engaging viewers across platforms enabling them to truly feel the other side of every film.

Report By: Ankita Rane    
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