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&PrivéHD is here to tickle your funny bone with German Comedy film Resturlaub on Privé World Box Office

Jul 15, 2022
Often people look for the easy way out when they're at crossroads. That's certainly untrue in the case of Pitschi Greulich, the 37-year-old Marketing Manager who leaves his family behind and decides to hit the reset button on his life. This film is a perfect hilarious attempt by Director Gregor Schnitzler at showcasing an extremely worrisome man in an ideal world who deflects and shuns all his responsibilities looking for a quick escape. German comedy movies have a knack for raising the funny quotient with plot twists, smart punchlines and quirky acting which is clearly seen in this movie starring Multi-award-winning actor Maximilian Brückner and Mira Bartuschek in the leading roles.

Bringing new premieres every week, &PrivéHD's World Box Office promises entertainment for everyone with movies of varied themes and genres. The line-up includes movies that are each blockbusters in their country of origin and are from varied genres ranging from romantic dramas and comedy to fantasy and adventure.  

Get ready for continuous bursts of stomach churning laughter with German Comedy Resturlaub premiering this Friday, July 15th at 9PM with repeats running all week till next Thursday only on &PrivéHD

Report By: Himanshi Chawda
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