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Rajya Sabha MP, Subhash Chandra inspires students of Royal Global University, Guwahati

Feb 06, 2018

On Sunday, February 4, 2018, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha, Subhash Chandra addressed enthusiastic students of Royal Global University, Guwahati, for the next episodes of India's popular motivational youth show, the 'Subhash Chandra Show' which focused on the themes - 'Aggressive Behaviour is not Progressive!' and 'The Real Meaning of Freedom'. The 'Subhash Chandra Show' aims to showcase inspirational stories of people from different backgrounds. The episodes shot in Guwahati will be telecasted on Zee Media's channels on 10th February and 17th February 2018 respectively.

The inspirational guests and change-makers invited on the show were Dr. Sangeeta Goswami, Counselling Psychologist; President- MIND India, Institute of Positive Mental Health & Research; Mr. Miguel Das Queah, Founder: UTSAH; Mr. Ranjan Kumar Baruah, Motivational speaker & M/s Lakhimi Barua, Founder: Konoklota Women Urban Cooperative Bank.

Sharing his views on 'Aggressive Behaviour is not Progressive!,' Subhash Chandra said, “It has been rightly said that every second spent in anger, is a minute of happiness wasted. In order to tame your temper, one must resolve to manage it. You have to quit saying, “I can't control it!” and realize that you can. Just like love, anger is a choice. When you get angry, you choose to get angry. Nobody is forcing you to get angry. People say, “You make me so mad!” But nobody can make you mad without your permission. And remember the most important thing is not to control or vent your anger, but it is to not get angry at all. Not showing that you are angry and not getting angry are two different things.”

Enlightening students on 'The Real Meaning of Freedom', Subhashji added, “Freedom is a tricky phenomenon and a lot of factors decide whether it is beneficial to us or not, such as the difference between our present and future freedom. Moreover, freedom can have several forms like political and philosophical. While political freedom is concerned with factors like how much can we express ourselves, philosophical freedom talks about freedom from within. Thus, it is of much more value than political freedom. Also, freedom cannot be absolute and your freedom is limited to the level where it does not encroach upon someone else's freedom.”

Catch the telecast of the episodes of the Subhash Chandra Show shot in Guwahati on 10th February and 17th February 2018 respectively on the following channels of Zee Media:

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Zee News

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