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Revv up for the ultimate adrenalin rush with Zee Zest's newest International shows – Secrets of the Supercars and Ridiculous Rides

Aug 27, 2021
Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a thrilling ride as India's leading lifestyle channel, Zee Zest adds two power-packed international shows to their roster-  Secrets of the Supercars and Ridiculous Rides. The all new, up-tempo shows create a Fast & Fabulous world of supercars, powerful engines and the most-coveted rides.

With Secret of the Supercars airing from 28th August, Zee Zest gives you a sneak peek under the hoods of some of the world's fastest and most powerful cars. Starring Titch Cormack, Catie Munnings and Duncan Pittaway, Secrets of the Supercars begins on a powerful note with the first episode featuring the Pagani Huayra Roadster BC. Through the ten episode season, viewers get a glimpse into what it takes to create the most luxurious and exclusive status symbols such as the Bugatti Divo, Jaguar E Type, BMW X5 and the Tesla Model-S.

With an eye for the extraordinary, Zee Zest brings together the new shows under their action packed Fast & Fabulous initiative. It aims to provide a pulsating watch for viewers who value speed as much as the innovation behind these iconic vehicles. Gear up to stoke your imagination as you witness a fleet of ultra-luxurious and never-seen-before inventions through the two docuseries.

Premiering on 29th August, Ridiculous Rides brings alive the story of 11 dreamers, who take their unconventional thoughts to customize and create their own dream vehicles. The show features Batman fanatic, Zac Mihajlovic, who customized his own legendary Batmobile that commands a price tag in the six figures. The show also gives viewers a glimpse into some of the most unimaginable concepts brought to life like the Upside Down Truck, A Hot Tub Cadillac, Dwarf Cars and even a Ferrari made entirely of Wood. Filmed by American car enthusiast Steve Feldman, Ridiculous Rides gives you an insight into the minds of some of the most creative car-enthusiasts across the globe.

Turbo charge your weekends with Zee Zest! Tune in every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm for a flamboyant road trip amongst visionary brands, outrageous customizations and creativity at its finest.

Report By: Karishma Kemmu 
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