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Special leave for Vipassana course

Dec 13, 2007
Dec 13, 2007 

Developments in the fields of science, technology, communication, transport, agriculture and medicine have revolutionised human life at the material level. But this progress is only superficial. The sedentary and stressful lives that we live today behind the veil of progress, have taken a heavy toll on our body and mind. Thus, happiness and peace elude most people.


The answer to all ills afflicting us in our daily lives is Vipassana, a 2,500 year old technique of meditation, which alleviates suffering and opens the path of joy. Vipassana has nothing to do with spirituality or religion.


“It is my desire that the Essel family benefits from the practice of Vipassana, like millions of others across the world,” the Chairman has said in a mail addressed to all Esselites.


In this direction, arrangements have been made with the Global Vipassana Foundation which regularly conducts ten day residential courses free of cost through out the year. All Essel Group employees desirous of attending this course will be granted 12 days of special leave.


An in-house cell has been set up within the Essel Group to assist employees desirous of attending the course.  All interested associates are advised to visit the websites of the Global Vipassana Foundation in order to familiarise themselves with the practice: www.dhamma.org   www.vri.dhamma.org


The modalities of registration and leave policy will be communicated to you separately.



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