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The punctual Devgans

Mar 19, 2008
Mar 19, 2008 

Producers may have to learn a lesson or two from Ajay Devgun, Kajol and Tanuja when it comes to time management. While most actors are known to throw tantrums at the drop of a hat, the Devgans and Tanuja are simplicity personified.


The three make it a point to be present at the sets on time and never do they make the crew wait even for a minute. This has increased the overall efficiency at the sets, where the crew goes that extra mile to ensure a smooth sailing.


For the Devgans and Tanuja, a 15 minute lunch break does not extend even by five minutes. Always ready for a ‘take’, the three have proved that actors are not always cantankerous.


Let us hope that the stars of Rock N Roll take a leaf out of the actors’ book.


Report by: Atrayee Chandra


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