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The Story of Rimli - A proud female farmer who knows the soul of the soil

Feb 15, 2021
Zee Bangla has always been at the forefront in terms of providing quality entertainment. But what really sets us apart from the rest is the fact that, we delve deeper, seeking out stories which connect with our audiences on an entirely new level, tugging at their heartstrings, piquing their emotions, showing them not just daily soaps, but a slice of everyday life, set in different contexts.

In doing so, Zee Bangla upholds Bengal's cultural values and traditional roots, intricately sewing everything together into an experience which resonates with our viewers unlike anything else. Here's a sneak peek into our latest presentation – Rimli, the story of a girl who knows the soul of the soil.

Rural Bengal – an idyllic setting which embodies the richness of the land, the smell of Mother Nature wafting in the breeze as every breath you take in fills your heart with peace and tranquillity.

In the middle of it all begins the story of Rimli. She belongs to this part of Bengal, where farming is the main occupation of her community. The sweet aroma of miles of paddy fields and the romanticism that this setting evokes, is exuded by Rimli in everything she does. Growing up in a rural society, she has had to face countless societal hindrances, but she is unfazed, overcoming all hurdles as they come along. Rimli's story revolves around the world of one of Bengal's unsung communities – the famers.

Mired in poverty, Rimli grows up to become a strong-willed independent woman, who is proud to be a farmer and aims to help her uncle financially, and work towards the betterment of her community.

Through her journey, she meets the agriculturist Uday, a man who is adept and well-read in technical know-how of farming.

Their paths cross and they are faced with a myriad of incidents following which they embark on the journey of uplifting the farmers of Rimli's village and persevere in creating a self-sufficient community. Will Rimli and Uday be successful in their pursuits?

The show is shot in the heartland of Bengal exploring landscapes and lifestyles of farmers. Rimli's character is played by the very talented Idika Paul who has prepared for the role by delving deep into the activities related to farming and shot endlessly in rural areas. Uday's role is played by the popular actor, Shourjo Bhattacharya.
The show is produced by Acropolis Entertainment creators of path-breaking shows in Bengali GEC like Bokul Kotha, Amar Durga and Firki.

Come, let's explore the soil of Bengal, the soul of Bengal through Rimli - Starts Today, Mon-Sun at 6 PM.

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