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This Leap Day, watch the best of Hollywood blockbusters with 'Flix Leap Day Binge' on &flix

Feb 27, 2020
Picture this – on one fine day, you wake up and have an extra day, all for yourself. And what would you do if that day falls on a weekend? This fantasy is about to get real with the much-awaited Leap Day upon us! This February, &flix, gives you a chance to live another day to breathe, smile, atone and cherish with a specially-curated property 'Flix Leap Day Binge'.  It's time to sit back and experience an exhilarating ride of non-stop entertainment with the best of blockbusters on February 29, 2020, 7 AM onwards. Available with the Zee Prime English Pack, the destination of the biggest Hollywood hits encourages viewers to leap higher, further and stronger with 'Leap Day Binge' on &flix.

The specially curated property features a line-up like no other, giving viewers a chance to live another day to breathe, smile, atone and cherish in a quadrennial opportunity. It's time to catch-up with your favorite superheroes in an enthralling set of pulping action and adventure blockbusters as part of the 'Leap Day Binge' on &flix.

Starting with your friendly neighborhood Spidey who embarks on a European expedition in 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' to the infamous anti-hero who encourages viewers to embrace their inner evil – 'Venom', the property has it all! While viewers shall witness the traumatic twist with Tony Stark's suit in 'Iron Man 3', fans will be forced to take sides with the clash of titans in 'Captain America: Civil War'. What's more? The day-long marathon also brings you the best of sci-fi and adventure with movies such as 'Men In Black: International', 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' and 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story'.

Wondering how to turn that 'extra' into 'exciting'? &flix comes to the rescue!

So, this Leap Day, it's time to take that plunge as you witness your favourite superheroes do so in the best of blockbusters with 'Flix Leap Day Binge' on &flix

Report By: Shruti Barot
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