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Tribute to Lord Jagannath by Sarthak TV on Rathayatra

Jul 10, 2017

On the auspicious occasion of Rathayatra, Sarthak TV, the No. 1 GEC in the state of Odisha, paid homage to Lord Jagannath during this festival in a unique way, by creating a massive temple-like structure on Puri Main Sea Beach, and naming it "JIBANA SARTHAK HEU" (Let Life be Fruitful)

It showcased the inception of Lord Jagannath up to the significance of Rathayatra.The Head Biswakarma of the three chariots & Lord Jagannath inaugurated it on the day of Rathayatra. As one enters the arena, a few words inscribed by the Gajapati appreciating this effort of Sarthak TV and few divine lines of Sri Shankaracharya can be seen.

A special song on Lord Jagannath was made and the brand name of Sarthak was tactfully blended in it which subtly promoted the brand in a beautiful manner (Jibana Sarthak Heu).The facebook reach of this song have crossed 4.5 lac while You Tube views crossed over 10000.

Jagatguru Sankaracharya Sri Sri Nischalananda Saraswati Maharaj personally visited during the valedictory ceremony and praised this effort of Sarthak to enlighten and preach Jagannath culture. He also gave a discourse to the huge crowd assembled there. The crowd was also grateful to Sarthak as they were blessed by Sri Sankaracharya's Darshan and got to hear his divine words.

Fascinated visitors thronged in huge numbers (Over 3.5 Lac) to see the Jibana Sarthak Heu arena during this 10 day event, offered homage and clicked photos which have also gone viral on social media platforms. As per some visitors, the architecture, structure and the Jagannath culture has been exhibited in such a splendorous manner; it appeared like a portion of the famous temple itself and a sense of tranquillity prevailed. All leading print media (both regional and English) covered the activity and published the same along with photographs.

Report By: Rajesh Mishra & Shikha Bharadwaj
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