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&TV presents, for the first time on Indian television, the untold, unseen story of 'Baal Shiv'

Nov 23, 2021

Among the many mythological stories of various Gods and Goddesses, the tales of Lord Shiva have always evoked special interest. There are so many fascinating tales of his various avatars but there is one roop that has not been spoken of much nor seen by most - his Baal Roop. Which is why &TV is presenting this untold and unheard story in its new show, 'Baal Shiv' – a first for Indian television. With an impressive ensemble of stellar star cast, the show will depict the beautiful story of Mahasati Anusuya and Baal Shiv and their close bond as mother and child.

The show will premiere tonight, at 8:00 pm on &TV and will air every Monday to Friday.

Report By: Aishwarya Venkitaraman 
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