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Watch the Russian cinematic masterpiece Coma on &flix

Nov 26, 2021
Art sees no boundaries and barriers. The birth of a good art piece has never been confined to locations. Cinema has been known to transcend borders in case of both viewings as well as creation. The Russian fantasy and adventure film is proof of how cinema is now going beyond Hollywood and Bollywood. The film that has been created with advanced computer-generated imagery has been acclaimed worldwide for the eye-pleasing beauty that the audience gets to witness on screen. Zee English cluster in its commitment to bring to its viewers the best of worldwide cinema is all set to bring the Television premiere of Coma for its viewers through the property Flix First.
Coma takes the viewers into a strange land of suspense through the life of a young architect. After a mysterious accident, he comes back to his senses in a very odd world. He must find out the exact laws and regulations of it while he fights for his life and keeps looking for an exit to the real world. The film is the directorial debut of the famous VFX artist Nikita Argunov and stars Rinal Mukhametov in the lead role.
&flix, the premium destination for a truly enjoyable Hollywood experience has been entertaining viewers through the ling running property 'Flix First' that brings new masala premiers every week. As the channel prepares for Coma, the audience can also enjoy the South Korean thriller Peninsula at 1:00 PM and 9:00 PM on 28th November on &flix. Starring Dong-won Gang and Lee Jung-hyun. Set in a time that is a few years after a zombie outbreak in the Korean land, Peninsula shows the journey of a former soldier who manages to escape overseas and, in a mission, to go back he meets the survivors.
Enjoy the best television premiers on Flix First. Peninsula premiers on 28th November 1:00 PM with a re-run at 9:00 PM and Coma to debut soon on &flix
Report By: Himanshi Chawda 
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