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WION launches new weekend show Hollywood with Sarah Idan with Miss Iraq 2017

Feb 07, 2018

WION is introducing an entertainment television series that will be hosted by Miss Iraq 2017, Sarah Idan, from the city of Los Angeles. Starting February 2, 2018, 'Hollywood with Sarah Idan' promises to bring viewers upto speed with all the happenings in Hollywood. The television series will feature the biggest film releases, celebrity news, interviews with Hollywood bigwigs, the latest music albums,  highlights from Award shows as well as the red carpet. In a nutshell, the show will bring to you everything that you need and want to know about Hollywood.

Sarah Idan became the first Miss Iraq to participate in a Miss Universe contest after a gap of 45 years. The 27-year-old is the second Iraqi woman in history to represent her country at an international pageant, a fact that brought  her a lot of public and media attention worldwide.  She grew up in Baghdad and started working for the United States Army as a linguist when she was only 18 years old – this ultimately granted her the opportunity to travel the US and earn her degree in Music in Los Angeles. She's a recognised musician in the Middle East and known for her Music in an Egyptian film.

Sarah's fearless personality and penchant for speaking her mind have made her quite popular among those who aim to break cultural limitations and bring about a positive change in the society. She received death threats for taking a selfie with her Israeli counterpart, Adar Gandelsman. The controversy first arose on Nov 13, 2017 when she posted a selfie with Miss Israel with the caption 'Peace and Love from Miss Iraq and Miss Israel'. It backfired in ways that she could not have imagined. Having a dual citizenship in the United States helped her escape prosecution in Iraq.

Now based in LA, she will be hosting 'Hollywood with Sarah Idan' exclusively  on WION.  She is excited to team up with the international news channel  for this television series as it combines her passion for Movies, Music, Arts and Public Communications.

Timings: Friday 10:30 PM, Saturdays 6:30 PM and Sunday 8:30PM

Report By: Vishal Kalra    
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