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Witness a twisted tale of entrepreneurship in the Spanish show MalaYerba on Zee Café

Mar 10, 2023
The show is the story of the permitted marijuana trade in Colombia and will air on weekdays starting Friday 10th March 2023 at 7 pm. 
MalaYerba is a slang term for marijuana and runs around the story of three young and ambitious business professionals in Colombia- Félix, Mariana and Ignacio. The three establish their business in a sector that has just been legalised in Colombia which is medicinal cannabis. Their business, KannaLab, soon rises to the status of the envy of their generation and the goal of every entrepreneur. Mariana has the land to grow, Ignacio has the network, and Félix has the ideal and special seed with which they would control the world. Together, they make the ideal founding team. But when Lola, a determined journalist, keeps an eye on their business and learns that the renowned seed has a troubled past, their lives will be upended.

Don't miss the comedy-drama starting this Thursday, 26th January at 7 pm only on Zee Café

Report By: Zee Café 
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