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Zee Africa launches ZEE ALEM a dubbed channel in Amharic

Jun 22, 2020
Zee Africa has announced the launch of an exciting new dubbed GEC, Zee Alem in Amharic language for Ethiopia. Available exclusively to DStv subscribers from 22 June 2020, viewers can access Zee Alem channel number 145 on various packs on the platform. This is the first customized Bollywood novelas channel to be launched in Ethiopia.

Zee has been present on the DStv platform for over 2 decades with its original Hindi language channel Zee TV. Over the last 5-years Zee has launched various dubbed channels in Africa including its flagship channel Zee World in English. Zee Africa also has a French dubbed channel Zee Magic that is available across 26 Francophone countries in Africa.

Zee World was the first of its kind and has been customised to suit mainstream viewers on the continent. The success of Zee World has increased the demand for Zee shows and made it one of Africa's best loved family entertainment channels on the continent.

“The Zee brand has seen a phenomenal growth in our audiences with our innovative channels. Keeping our audiences in mind we are very happy to announce the launch of yet another addition to our world of entertainment with Zee Alem on DStv. Embarking on this journey, Zee's aim is to continue to provide extraordinary entertainment content across genres, languages, and geographies; delighting consumers across screens, platforms and devices”, says Harish Goyal CEO Zee Africa and Asia Pacific.

Zee Alem's content is for everyone, a sentiment echoed by Zee Africa & Indian Ocean Islands Business Head Ratna Siriah “We have consistently brought exceptional Indian content that resonates with our African audiences through in depth research. Zee Alem has been specifically developed for our Amharic family audiences and it will be a compelling addition to the DStv family.”

Zee Alem promises dramatic and thrilling content which will be available in Ethiopia from 22 June 2020 with beloved series such as: The Promise (ቃልኪዳን), Lies of the Heart (ልባዊ ውሸት), Married Again (ፍቅር እንደገና), Ring of Fire (የእሳት ቀለበት) and much more to feature on the channel.

With an offering of 8 channels across Africa, Zee brings the best of Bollywood entertainment to African shores that the industry has to offer.

Report By: Ratna Siriah
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