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ZEE Africa rises in Nigeria

Apr 11, 2018

As per GEOPOL - a mobile surveying platform in Africa, Zee World ranks among the top 10 channels in the country

ZEE Africa continues to be a success story in the African continent. The English subtitled Zee TV channel was first introduced to the Nigerian markets nearly 2 decades ago, and has grown its footprint in the market with three more channel offerings in the last decade.

The English dubbed Zee World, Zee Bollymovies and Zee Bollynova channels have taken the Nigerian viewers by storm, as evidenced by GEOPOL, social media, market insights and consistent fan engagement.

The content upfront organised this week in Nigeria was a huge success with the finest media journalists and bloggers attending the event. A second event organised for the trade consisting of media buyers was attended by all major advertising agencies and patrons of Zee World.

The competing Africa Magic channel recently aired 'Bollywood Madness' a movie - originally called “Zee World Madness”, which showcased Nollywood's finest paying homage to the Zee World series in typical Bollywood colour, costume and song. The series was created initially as a YouTube series and received over 600,000 hits.

As per GEOPOL a mobile surveying platform in Africa, Zee World ranks among the top 10 channels in the country.

Harish Goyal CEO of Zee World Africa said: “We have always recognised that Nigeria is a key market for the Zee brand and from the feedback and interactions the admiration is reciprocated multi-fold. Zee has certainly disrupted the marketspace such that we have been held responsible for men eating late or even half cooked meals and not being able to watch any other channels due to their wives taking control of the remotes to watch Zee World.”

“Our general entertainment content can be enjoyed by all family members and it resonates well in Africa,” he concludes.

Report By: Ratna Siriah
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