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Zee Bangla brings viewers a new fiction show - 'TOBU MONE REKHO'

Mar 07, 2017

Marriages they say are made in heaven. Doubt and distrust in one's better half is surely created in hell. The story of 'Tobu Mone Rekho' is about Rai, a psychology student who lands a job of a caregiver to make financial ends meet. Hereon her life takes a different turn as she balances a compulsive distrustful wife, Supriya, her husband Rajatava and their two kids.

Supriya's mental instability is disturbing as well as destructive, for not only the well-being of the kids but also disrupting for Rajatava, who by now is tired of explaining his integrity, but to no avail. Life is a dysfunctional mess with nothing beautiful to look forward to.

Rai's presence feels like a breath of fresh air for Rajatava amidst the emotional turbulence and the kids bond instantly with her due to her motherly instincts. Supriya, whom Rai handles with an expert's analytical ease, soon opens up to Rai as her trusted mate.

Rajatava, who has been starved of any mental peace and misses a companion and confidante finds himself becoming dependent on Rai for the little things that life is all about.

As the story progresses, the equation of all the relationships become fluid, shaping up differently during different situations. It is an unconventional story where every character stands alone, yet entangled in the beauty and complexity of relationships that human beings build on their own accord.

Tobu Mone Rekho, premieres tonight, March 6th at 7pm, Mon - Sun only on Zee Bangla & Zee Bangla HD

Report By: Rajib Dey    
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