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Zee Bangla International Bengali Film Awards - the Crowd Puller at NABC 2017

Jul 28, 2017

The 37th North American Bengali Conference (NABC) was recently held in San Jose, California at Santa Clara Convention Center. Zee Bangla was present as the exclusive presenting & media sponsor for the conference that lasted for 3 days.

The entire convention center of Santa Clara was wrapped in Zee Bangla branding. Standees & banners were put up at every prime location of the convention center. But the one that took the cake was the branding at the Zee Bangla booth which was a riot of bright colors, reeked of festive joy & had soaring energy throughout. A photo booth set up with a hand-rickshaw background was a humongous hit amongst everyone present there.

The Zee Bangla team set out with one goal in mind and that was to attain and increase the exposure for Zee Bangla Americas' FB page and that was well achieved with over 1500 likes garnered over 2 and a half days. The Zee Bangla t-shirt was one more thing that received a lot of praises & interest from everyone present there. And the cherry on the cake was the Henna artist present at the booth that was met with a lot of enthusiasm from all the women present at the convention.

But one event that had all the age groups excited & wait in eagerness was our very own, "Zee Bangla International Bengali Film Awards." The auditorium with a capacity of 5K was packed to the last seat. The awards show turned out to be the biggest crowd puller with the presence of all the prominent stars of the Bengali Film industry & Zee Bangla. The awards commenced with a beautiful monologue on Zee Bangla Americas, followed by an enchanting AV. Zee Bangla America's presence was felt in every form, right from branding on stage, stage mentions, Zee Bangla Americas AV & the Zee Bangla logo on all the trophies presented for the night.

In the end, Zee Bangla made its impact & had its presence felt amongst all the 7K + people present at the venue & bestowed upon them memories that will be engraved in their hearts for years to come.

Report By: Siddhen Doshi    
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