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Zee Bangla Scores a Hat-Trick!

Jun 06, 2017

Today at 10 pm brace yourself to witness an overwhelming surge of family entertainment in the realm of Bangla television, when Zee Bangla launches two new serials back-to-back, interlaced with an exciting 'watch-call-win' format contest, which promises lucrative prizes and will run through the length of the serials. This one hour, from 10 to 11 pm, is going to be a game changer in the competitive world of GECs, where viewership patterns are expected to alter considerably. The protagonists of both the serials are reputed stars and viewers are dying to see them back on TV after a huge break due to movie commitment. Both the storylines are unique and steer away from the general trend of serial plots. Moreover, the awesome prizes the contest promises will keep the viewers glued to their seats and unwittingly internalize and empathize with the protagonists creating instant viewing-loyalty.


Basabdutta and Nilasha, the mother-daughter duo are poles apart. While one is a consumerist, who believes that class and cash are all that matters, the daughter is the opposite. She not only hates rich people but also finds the wealth as futile and insensitive. Ambitious Basabdutta's ever so busy schedule clashes head on with Nilasha, who is deprived of her mother's attention, care, and love.

To cope up, Nilasha, starts an NGO - a way out to rebuild and relive her childhood. But the NGO is bought off to build a hotel. Enter Aditya, the scion of the Chatterjee Group. He irritates and teases Basabdutta when they meet in a flight, but later fall in love. Now, it is war between an arrogant, rich, ambitious mother-in-law and her son-in-law, who is rich, carefree, humorous, yet sensitive.

Zee Bangla re-launches Arjun Chakraborty, after a long time in television, in and as the JAMAI RAJA. It is a story about a man, who leaves aside the comforts of his own house and starts to live with his wife at 'her' home. It breaks the societal construct that women have followed for years and travelled to their husband's home, forever trying to impress their mother in laws, and taking care of the entire family. For the very first time, we see a man striving to impress his mother in law, take care of the family, love his wife, while retaining his masculinity. It is a unique love story that shows a man's commitment to resolve the dispute between mother and daughter.

JAMAI RAJA is brought to you by Surinder Films, written by N K Salil, the golden writer of commercial blockbusters and directed by Babu Banik. Jeet Ganguly returns to television as the Music Director of the title track which is sung by Saregamapa finalist Sayam Paul.


What's in a name? A woman loses her identity in a family and remains virtually satisfied with just being a wife, a daughter, or a sister in law, aunt and other relations, whilst losing her 'name'.

A simple beautiful girl from a middle class Bengali family is married into an ultra-rich family. The groom is well educated and extremely well established. She soon finds herself in an entirely different world. Unlike her earthly ways at home - their outlook is modern, she barely relates to the language they speak or the life they are accustomed to. At first she finds it difficult to adjust to the ways of life but soon with patience and will, she paves herself a path to be able to satisfy all. She soon starts living in a world of relationships, in the process losing her very own identity and individuality.

One day, when she is busy running household chores a deliveryman arrives with a parcel marked for Parameshwari. "There's no one by that name", is the household's response. She comes out into the open, from the inner circle of her household (the Andarmahal) and responds to the name - a name that is hers, a name given by her father, lost under the debris of social norms, relations, and responsibilities.

ANDARMAHAL is not only about the identity crisis that women still face but also portrays the search for one's true identity and as an individual on her own right. It is the story of a simple girl's journey to truly justify her name "Parameshwari".

One of Bengal's most popular actors, Konineeca Banerjee returns to television with Zee Bangla, after a decade with ANDARMAHAL, brought to you by Magic Moments and written by television's most successful storywriter Leena Gangopadhyay.



5-18 June, from 10 to 11 pm - in this one hour, two questions with two answer options each will appear on the screens of Zee Bangla. Each answer option will be attached with a phone number. You have to give a missed call to the number corresponding to the correct option. Remember more missed calls mean more chances of winning.

Report By: Rajib Dey    
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