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Zee Bangla soaring high at 706 GRPs

Aug 06, 2018
Zee Bangla garners the highest-ever GRPs in WK 30'18 at a whopping 706, a remarkable 203 GRPs higher than the next in competition. At 1,94,722 Impressions ('000) during the period, Zee Bangla has been the No.1 Bengali GEC in the WB urban space for the past 7 months, scaling to become the No.1 in entire Bengal for the past 6 weeks, also attaining a massive 58.4% reach at the universe level in WK 30'18 (WB Urban).

With its bouquet of heart-touching and meaningful stories that are relevant and culturally-rooted, Zee Bangla has emerged to become the most preferred entertainment destination for the discerning Bengali audience.

Topping the chart with 9.2 TRPs is 'Krishnokoli', the story of a dark-skinned girl Shyama and how she goes on to make a career in music, proving to the world how skin colour has no relevance in making one's dreams come true.

Currently, 8 out of 10 highest-rated shows in the WB Urban market are from the stable of Zee Bangla, leading in their respective slots. These include Karunamoyee Rani Rashmoni (based around the life and struggle of Kolkata's famous Rani Rashmoni), Joy Baba Lokenath (a devotional drama television series on the life story of Baba Lokenath), Bokul Katha (based around a tomboy, who looks after all the responsibilities of the head of a family), Joyee (the story of an innocent, village girl trying to balance between her passion for football and family life after marriage), Seemarekha (a story about the journey of a twin sisters who are exactly opposites of each other, but destined to live under one roof even after marriage), Saat Bhai Champa (a fantastical story based on the popular Bengali folktale from the book Thakurmar Jhuli), Dance Bangla Dance Junior (the celebrated dance reality show for children between 6 to 9 years of age).

Report By: Zee Bangla Marketing Team 
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