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Zee Bangla to bring ghost stories to life with its upcoming series 'Adbhuture'

Aug 01, 2017

Bengal has always had a penchant for tales of ghosts and spirits. Zee Bangla fulfils this dormant wish in reel life, as the monsoon sets in, skies fill up with grey clouds and lightning strikes the horizon. If you listen beyond the hiss of wind and raindrops lashing on the windows, you can hear the footsteps as the door creaks open and ADBHUTURE arrives at 10:30 PM, tonight.

The word "ghost" signifies horror of everything and anything that we perceive in fear. When we watch it on television, an eerie feeling creeps inside us as we go to sleep but the interest and curiosity for all things uncanny keeps us hooked to ghost stories.

Now if one delves deeper into the darkness synonymous to ghosts there can perhaps be a different point of view. A view of the living, of light that was, and life that was, just like us, before they crossed over the threshold of being alive and becoming ghosts. They had their share of fun, love, hatred, success and failures hence the whole myriad of emotions as well. So, just as we believe that the soul is intangible so are emotions and hence logic. That is what crafts the concept of Zee Bangla's forthcoming series ADBHUTURE.
Zee Bangla portrays this as a series where one gets to see horror stories that showcases different kinds of interaction between ghosts and human beings, the dead and the alive, the tangible & intangible and tie them with the thread of emotions. The uniqueness of this show lies in the process of storytelling. There will not be any set cast in the show. One story will start with the end of the previous one with a different cast & set.

While some are friendly ghosts, some create a living hell for the human kind. Some ghosts help make life easier for the living, where the crisis of the people is understood and solved by these kind hearted souls, while there are others where the ghosts bring about a really hard time for everyone.

The stories will be penned by none other than the notable scrip-writer in Bengali TV industry, Leena Gangopadhyay. There will also be ideas inspired from the renowned author Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay's short tales as well. All stories will be shot in real locations to enrich the format further.

So, everyone, it seems the excitement and thrill is palpable. Watch ADBHUTURE on Zee Bangla & Zee Bangla HD, every Monday to Friday at 10.30 PM, starting today!

Report By: Rajib Dey    
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