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Zee Bangla's latest offering, 'Ranu Pelo Lottery' launches on 3rd December

Dec 03, 2018
Money can solve a lot of problems, but can give rise to numerous bigger difficulties… woven around the pros and cons of having great fortunes, 'Ranu Pelo Lottery' is the newest offering from Zee Bangla, the No.1 GEC of West Bengal.

Continuing to live up to our promise of offering unique and relevant content to the discerning television audience of the state, 'Ranu Pelo Lottery' is a beautiful narrative of Ranu, who wishes to win a lottery someday and invest that money for the education of underprivileged like her.

Produced by Venkatesh, boasting big hits like Bhootu, Goenda Ginni and Amloki, 'Ranu Pelo Lottery' is all set to make its mark in the Bangla Rom-Com space. Directed by Swarnendu Majumdar, the brilliance in execution is something one must look out for. Played by celebrated actor Bijoy Laxmi Chatterjee, Ranu is a simple girl from a simple family. She is straight forward in nature and isn't bogged down by others. She has a sharp tongue and is not afraid to retort. However, she has a sharp sense of humor which makes very intense situations humorous. Dhruva, played by Krushal Ahuja, is the youngest son of Mitra family, and little unhappy with how his family functions, and looks up to Ranu for bringing method to the otherwise madness in the family. The real drama begins when Ranu gets married to Dhruva and enters the tyrannical family.

After topping the charts with the likes of 'Krishnakoli', 'Bokul Kotha', 'Korunamoyee Rani Rashmoni', 'Joy Baba Lokenath', 'Saath Bhai Champa', etc., Zee Bangla is Bengal's No.1 GEC channel with approx. 42% market share (All Bengal, last 4 weeks average). With a mix of enviable fiction and non-fiction content, it is the most preferred entertainment destination for the people of Bengal.

Report By: Madhumanti Roy
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