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Zee Biskope rejoices Makar Sankranti with the World TV Premiere of family drama - Babul

Jan 13, 2022
The festival of Makar Sankranti is celebrated across India including Bihar, Jharkhand & East as a symbol of new beginnings and an opportunity to express love. The Bhojpuri region especially celebrate the festival with great pomp & show. It is marked by a pleasant & clear sky with vibrant, joyous & warm emotions flying as high as the winds & plethora of colourful kites representing hearts connected by the strings of love. Lifting your festive spirit & levelling up the entertainment quotient in authentic Bhojpuriyat, ZEE Biskope is once again equipped to entertain viewers with a simple yet heartful emotional family saga, packed with action & drama. Viewers can indulge in quality family entertainment as ZEE Biskope presents the World Television Premier of Babul, blockbusters as recent as 2022, on Friday, January 14, at 6.00 pm in the Houseful Shukrawar Band.

Produced by renowned director Ratnakar Kumar & starring Bhojpuri veteran superstar Awdhesh Mishra with Neelam Giri, Babul is an extraordinary story of materializing a father's ordinary dream through an extraordinary battle where he leaves no stones unturned to fight for the dignity, happiness & welfare of his daughters. Spreading the powerful message of women empowerment, the story revolves around Narayan (Awdhesh Mishra), a hardworking father trapped in the quagmire of poverty & slavery, whose two innocent daughters are his only hope of survival. Having lost their mother at an early age, Narayan's dream is to get his daughters married in good families. Aptly depicting the 'heroism' of the hero to help his daughters break away from the vicious cycle of poverty & slavery, he educates them & strives hard every day to provide them with a better life & the daughters in turn treat their doting father on the same pedestal as 'God'. Although Narayan finds a good groom who is willing to marry his elder daughter (Bittu) without dowry, fate takes an unexpected bitter twist. What happens to Bittu? Will it affect her rare found ideal marriage proposal?  How will Narayan be able to salvage his daughter from the atrocities that unfold thereafter? Will he eventually be able to conquer his simple dream or fall prey to the cruelty of the society? Will his unfathomable determination & sacrifice change the fate of his daughters forever? What will the daughters do & how will Narayan make sure that he has given the best life to his daughters? The film phenomenally unfolds the harsh reality of the troubles & hardships an Indian father must go through to simply get his daughters married and showcases the powerful connection of a father-daughter's emotional relationship.

Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster that will showcase unconditional love, undying hope & infinite courage.  Gripping plot, excellent script, melodious music & a powerful social message – Babul promises unmatched entertainment this Makar Sankranti. Set to elevate the aura of Bhojpuri cinema taking it to new heights.

Watch Babul, a movie that will touch the heart & invoke the deepest emotions through an innocent family saga as ZEE Biskope continues to bring cheer & entertain viewers with local, fresh, relatable content that makes it your favourite channel.

Block the date: January 14, at 6.00 pm, BABUL only on ZEE Biskope

Report By: Jit Sengupta
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