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Zee Business comes up with an exclusive 'Ladies Special' show at 11am

Sep 22, 2020
Zee Business has been at the forefront in introducing viewer-friendly and innovative concepts to make learning easier and even profitable. In line with this practice, the channel has recently come up with a daily segment exclusively for Female Investors called #11BajeKiLadiesSpecial.

Recent studies claim that women participation in equity markets has surged during COVID-19 pandemic and experts believe the growing need to share household expenses with rampant pay cuts and lay-offs has brought them to trading. Additionally, women are looking for alternatives to the decreasing bank's fixed deposit (FD) rates, the reports added. Building on this insight, Zee Business recently launched #11BajeKiLadiesSpecial to focus on female investors and answer all their queries while helping them manage their money in an easy-to-understand manner.

During the segment, the Market Expert recommends some special money-making shares to women investors while answering all their queries. Anil Singhvi, Managing Editor said that all the women investors who want to take advantage of this unique opportunity, should tune in to the show.

The name of the show coins from the Mumbai Local running at 11am. The segment will be aired 11am onwards on all Trading Days with an engaging style. Callers can place their queries over social media, whats app and by  call-ins on the below mentioned details:

Call: 022-23001634/022-23001635

Whats App: 7840020000

Social Media Handles: @ZeeBusiness (Twitter) ; @zeebusinessonline (Facebook)

Report By: Zee Business
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