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Zee Business makes history! For first time, a business channel carries out the biggest sting operation uncovering fraudsters & their tactics

Nov 26, 2019
A huge number of investors are being fleeced by fraudsters in the name of stock market trading. To protect the interests of innocent investors, Zee Business has fearlessly carried out the biggest sting operation of them all to catch these culprits. This has happened for the first time in the history of any business channel. Zee Business Market Mafia shall be an exclusive 3 part series that will be aired on Zee Business at 9:56 am on Tuesday, 26th Nov. and at 10:26 am on Wednesday, 27th Nov. and Thursday, 28th Nov. The series will be anchored by Mr Anil Singhvi, Managing Editor, Zee Business.

This particular problem has its roots in the fact that, whether it is a small, marginal or large investor, everybody wants huge returns on investment in the stock market. Unscrupulous elements take advantage of this by making tall, but untrue, promises. It leads to common investors being trapped in this stock market racket. The Zee Business channel sting operation has caught these very fraudsters and exposed their corrupt practices and revealed that a racket is being run that loots the money of stock market investors.
This undercover sting operation has exposed fraudsters who lure people with promises of high returns and trap them in their net. Once, the investor gets trapped in their racket, they lose their hard-earned money leaving.

Zee Business Market Mafia
The sting operation is a massive wake-up call for authorities. The programme will be telecast soon on the Zee Business channel and it is a must-watch show for every investor in the country. Title of the sting operation programme is 'Market Mafia.' In this programme, Zee Business channel will give tips to the stock market investors to ensure they do not become victims of such fraudsters machinations in the future.

So, those stock market investors who want to know about these fraudsters and their style of functioning so as to be fully aware must remain glued to the Zee Business channel for the 'Market Mafia' programme.

Stay tuned to the Zee Business channel or our social media pages to view the episodes.

Report By: Sheena Amin
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