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Zee Cinemalu celebrates Blockbuster Entertainment on its 5th Anniversary

Sep 03, 2021
One of the best things about movies is how this art form can inspire millions of viewers. They make us laugh, cry and cheer! When we see underdogs take on extraordinary goals, despite all adversities and difficulties, we can relate to them. We all need that inspiration. Great movies with powerful uplifting stories can deeply influence our lives and motivate us to push boundaries. Zee Cinemalu is a name that has grown to become synonymous with the best Telugu movies on small screen television. Launched by the Megastar Chiranjeevi, who unveiled the logo, the channel began its journey on 4th September 2016 with 'Dil Pai Super Hit'. The channel completes the 5-year milestone as the brand philosophy continues to capture the thrilling journey with the ardent viewers. The channel philosophy 'Dil Pai Super Hit' is aimed towards inspiring every Telugu speaking audience with a superhit stress buster that will help them enjoy the ride that life has to offer.

Zee Cinemalu is the first movie channel to introduce the concept of World Television Premieres in the Telugu market, giving a unique offering to movie lovers. Over the years, the channel witnessed tremendous outcomes as it experimented with showcasing 11 movies per day. It also packaged 17 stories to the viewers on a single given day with different story in each hour. ZEE Cinemalu also experimented in creating a new film by merging existing content from 2 films and making a new film altogether at zero cost.

Zee Cinemalu is going to launch a brand anthem on the day of the anniversary, 4th September on the lines of 'Ra Ra Mama.. ZEE lo Cinema', composed & sung by Rama Krishna Miriyala.  The anthem reflects the brand ethos and positioning, accentuating the essence of entertainment like never-before. Additionally, the channel will unveil a new brand identity with a refreshed set of graphics to the logo, while retaining the channel's core promise of 'Dil Pai Super Hit'. The new packaging reflects happiness, vibrancy, fun, and quirkiness that is symbolic of the channel's identity.

Telugu cinema has gone through several of transitions and progressed over the years. From movies that touched upon an array of topics and depicted the golden era, showcasing masala and romantic movies set in foreign locales, to the latest films. The Zee Cinemalu HD variant launched on December 31, 2017, continues to deliver the best viewing experience enabled with this technology to their ardent viewer.

Commenting on the 5th anniversary, Sai Prakash, Business Head of Zee Cinemalu said, “The journey has been exceptional. The success of Zee Cinemalu is very close to our heart because this was the first movie channel in the south market from the ZEEL bouquet and the latest entrant into the Telugu genre. On this truly momentous occasion, we reiterate our commitment to offering only the best-in-class entertainment that will be loved by the Telugu audiences.”

Anuradha Gudur, Business Head – Telugu Cluster said “It is a moment of pride for all of those who have put tremendous efforts in ZEE Cinemalu's 5 years journey. We would like to thank everyone for being a crucial part of this well-deserved success. ZEE Cinemalu stands as an inspiration to other South movie channels in the network which makes this milestone even special. We aim to continue the winning streak in years ahead of us.”

Tune into Zee Cinemalu to catch the first glimpse of the new packaging and listen to the brand anthem from 4th September

Report By: Varsha Nandini 
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