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Zee Digital Continues its Growth Streak, Crosses 150 Million Users on ComScore in March 2020

May 21, 2020
Growing by leaps and bounds, Zee Digital, the online arm of Zee Group, continued with its phenomenal growth streak into 2020 as it crossed the 150 million users on ComScore in March 2020. According to the latest rankings, there has been a growth of 134% during this financial year, which is the highest among the top 9 media groups in the country.

Zee Digital, stood out among its top competitors, which are Times Internet Group, Network 18 Group, India Today Group and HT Media. While the Times Group, Network 18, India Today Group registered a growth of 48%, 20% and 56%, respectively, Zee Digital had a growth of 134%, the highest among them.

Back in March, Zee Digital moved to 3rd place in the News and Information category in terms of unique mobile users in India, and also ranked 4th for overall Unique Users (Desktop & Mobile) in the same category crossing 125 Million unique users as per the January 2020 ComScore report.

Report By: Zee Digital Desk
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