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Zee Kannada launches a new fiction show titled 'Vidya Vinayaka'

Oct 30, 2017

A story involving two characters whose personalities and belief systems are drastically different, Vidya and Vinayak. Vidya Vinayaka is a story focusing on relationships, love, drama and vengeance. A brand-new addition to the channel's evening primetime segment, Vidya Vinayaka will air starting today, every Monday to Friday at 8:00 PM on Zee Kannada.

Vidya Vinayaka is a tale of two characters with contrasting personalities. Vidya, essayed by actor Kavitha Gowda, is a loving and caring girl who yearns for a stable relationship and wants to feel a part of a loving family. On the other hand, Vinayak portrayed by actor Dileep Shetty, is a fiercely independent and practical person who has grown up watching his mother being abused by his father, leading him to lose faith in the institution of marriage. With hurdles along the way such as a conniving and conspiring aunt Prabhavati, played by actor Chaitra Rao Sachin, Vidya Vinayaka is the story of the many twists and turns in Vidya and Vinayaka's lives as they cross paths albeit with many complications and clashing ideologies.

Vidya is a complex character who goes through numerous emotions in a short span of time. Torn between what she wants and what she is expected to do, Vidya is the ideal daughter. The plot is such that it adds layers to her character every step of the way. And Vinayak is a multi-faceted character who is strong and independent, yet is emotionally attached to his mother. His relationship with Vidya is the most intriguing part of the plot.

Produced by very popular actor Dileep Raj under Dhrithi Creations and directed by M.N. Jayanth and Santosh Koti, Vidya Vinayaka features a star-studded line-up of artists who will be joining Vidya Kavitha Gowda and Vinayak - Dileep Shetty on the show. These include popular actors like Spandana as Arundhati (Vinayak's mother), Yashmi as Raksha (Prabhavati's daughter), Keerti Bhaanu as Vinayak's maternal uncle and many more.

Watch Vidya Vinayaka every Monday to Friday starting from today at 8.00 PM on Zee Kannada!

Report By: B R Shriram    
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