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Zee Marathi Delights Viewers, Unveils its New Packaging

Aug 26, 2021
Zee Marathi began its 23rd year by launching a brand-new packaging on the 23rd of August. The new look is in-sync with its iconic tagline - Me Marathi, Zee Marathi (I'm Marathi, Zee Marathi), continuing the channel's promise of being a proud torchbearer of Marathi culture.
Developed completely in-house, Zee Marathi's new packaging is a true love letter to the Marathi culture & history. 12 carefully selected icons come together to form a “Zee Marathi Pattern” - beginning with an auspicious Shree Ganesha and building the crescendo to Chhatrapati Shivaji's Rajmudra. The icons are brought alive with a new brand tune that captures the lively beat of a Marathi Dhol-Tasha and fuses it with the festive cheer representative of Maharashtra's spiritual heart.

As Zee Marathi gets ready to usher in a new era of Marathi entertainment, its new packaging too is all set to appeal to a newer younger audience base. Raised 3-D glass work laid within a contemporary design, the Zee Marathi pattern reimagines classic Marathi iconography while retaining its beauty, simplicity and elegance. In a hat-tip its strong and active digital following, the Zee Marathi social media handles too find a prominent place in the new packaging.

Keeping intact a touch of familiarity in the sea of change are Zee Marathi's brand colours orange, yellow & magenta selected to reflect Marathi pride (Orange from a Marathi Bhagwa), positivity (Yellow of a rising sun) and a rich legacy (Magenta). These colours are deeply entrenched in the minds of viewer's and evoke a strong sense of brand affinity among long term viewers.

Zee Marathi's new packaging launch adds a modern touch to its 7 new shows launched this month as a token to appreciation to audiences on completing 22 successful years.

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Report By: Tanvi Pradhan
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