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Zee Marathi Diwali Ank E-book becomes the HIGHEST SUBSCRIBED issue in a nascent Diwali E-BOOK Space

Nov 30, 2017

Zee Marathi recently launched the e-book of its 1st edition of Diwali special magazine titled 'Utsav Natyancha' after the overwhelming response to the print edition magazine.

Zee Marathi entered a nascent e-book space with its own Diwali ank and received good response to become the highest subscribed Diwali ank.

E-book space is a nascent space for Marathi literature work. Zee Marathi is trying to develop Indian and overseas market for Marathi readers to strengthen its bond with the audiences and bring them closer to the channel.

The Diwali Ank e-book can be subscribed at the same price of print edition of INR 100.

Report By: Karan Sheth    
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