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Zee Mundo relaunches its website to enhance the user experience and offer new and provocative content

Aug 08, 2017

Viewers of ZEE Mundo and fans of Bollywood films will now be able to access the wide variety of programming this genre offers from an all-new website at www.zeemundo.com. The site is designed to serve as a second screen, providing different material that complements what airs on the channel. The new website caters to the growing demand for more content and access to the Bollywood film industry.

In addition to a revamped design, the new site will offer spectators in strategic territories an exclusive and private chance to sample the best Bollywood films with streaming technology, in addition to the latest industry news in Spanish, and a behind-the-scenes look into various productions so users can immerse themselves into the world of ZEE Mundo. "We saw an opportunity to create a new platform to bring Bollywood to the Spanish-speaking audience, as we continue engaging carriage conversations with pay-tv providers" said Javier Casella, General Manager of ZEE Mundo.

"The Bollywood industry and ZEE Mundo's audience grows day by day, captivating more and more viewers worldwide. Given this growth and the feedback we've received from viewers in our social media channels, we saw an opportunity to create a second screen offering engaging and diverse content for current and new users," said Beatriz E. Verona, Manager of Digital Media for ZEE Mundo. "We are very excited to announce the launch of the new ZEE Mundo website, as it will enhance the user experience by providing much more content."

The site was created with state-of-the-art technology that ensures easy navigation, security and constant updating. AV Times, the company responsible for developing the site, has designed it so users can access the new platform from any device, whether it be computer, tablet or mobile. "It is important to provide the Latino consumer with the content that matters most to them, from celebrity news to multimedia elements that will help expand the reach of Bollywood and the brand of ZEE Mundo," said Rolando Figueroa, Marketing Director for ZEE Mundo. "ZEE Mundo's new platform is part of a bigger brand strategy that offers more video content and more value to our users."

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