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Zee Sarthak unveils 'Subhadra', the grandest mythology-based show on 22 June 21:00 hrs

Jun 22, 2020
Zee Sarthak presents 'Subhadra', a new historical drama where the audience can witness the evolution of a woman through the various roles and responsibilities in her life.   The show revolves around Subhadra's journey of being a sister, a wife and a mother.
The new fiction screens the story of Subhadra, a fearless warrior princess who steps into the family of Pandavs and how she manages her relationship with Arjun's first wife Draupadi. Draupadi and Subhadra being the sister and close friend of Krishna finds themselves in various emotional tides.  Her transition from a wife to a mother to the Goddess Yogmaya is a story of a women's various role of life from a young girl to an eternal form of a protector.

Her facet of life and teaching with her son Abhimanyu is an untold story which audience will experience with the new offering of Zee Sarthak – Subhadra.

Talking about the show, Mr. Samrat Ghosh (Cluster Head, East, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd.) said, Zee Sarthak has always worked very close with consumer feedbacks. This story is based on one of the consumer insights which says that today tv is one of the best medium which gives knowledge and helps us learn about our tradition. The traditions which we used to hear from our parents and grand-parents, the story telling can be best witnessed if shown in audio – visual format. Thus, comes the launch of Subhadra, which has the untold story of a beautiful sister of Krishna and loved wife of Arjun.

The larger-than-life show stars Suman Pattnaik as Subhadra, Raja as Krishna, Soumya Prakash Dash as Balabhadra, Navpreet Arora as Arjun, Deepika Tripathy as Draupadi, Barada Prasanna Patra as Duryadhan, and Soma Bhowmik as Kunti. With the elaborate support of visual effects and graphics, the show is being directed by Ajay Rath and produced by Soumyadip Chakraborty. The show will be aired on 22nd June 2020, from Monday to Friday, 9:00 pm to 9:30 pm.

Mr. Arghya Roychowdhury (Business Head, Zee Sarthak) said that Consumers love Zee Sarthak's style of representing folklore or mythos on television. Sarthak takes pride in bringing state of the art VFX and Graphics to the screen. The lockdown time has been invested by the Zee Sarthak Team in researching and playing out the mytho to the simplest and authentic format of a daily show. The show being very dependent on the VFX will be an instant eyecatcher for the kids in the family as well.  So, the kids get to watch the mytho, which is a part of the tradition and culture in a new age format.

The sneak peek of the show was first announced during Zee Sarthak Sansar Awards 2020 held in March, where the protagonist Subhadra greeted thousands of members of the audience from her chariot, making a spectacular entry into the stage and catching the audience eyeballs instantly.  With 360 degree marketing, PR support and beautiful content, we wish to make the show a household favourite.
With the “new normal”, we would urge the people of Orissa to follow the social distancing norms, stay safe and healthy at home. Stay with Zee Sarthak for the daily dose of entertainment.

Catch the enticing promo of Subhadra here >>

Report By: Bharati Das
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