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Zee Studios wins big!!

Apr 07, 2020
Gloriously winning at two major awards Maharashtracha Favorite Kon (MFK) and Sakal Premiere Awards. Khari Biscuit makes it to Radio City Cine Awards Marathi, people's choice award that empowers listeners to applaud efforts of the artists and technicians for their outstanding contribution to the Marathi film industry.
Sanjay Jadhav's Khari Biscuit Produced by Zee Studios has come a long way and won big at Radio City Cine Awards Marathi. The film bagged Best Director - Sanjay Jadhav, Best Film -Khari Biscuit, Best Screenplay - Sachin Mote, Best Music Director - Amitraj (Tula Japanar Aahe) and Best Lyricist - Kshitij Patwardhan (Tula Japanar Aahe).

Khari Biscuit earlier won five awards in Sakal Premiere Awards including Best Child Actor - Adarsh Kadam, Best Playback Singer - Adarsh Shinde, Best Cinematographer - Mridul Sen, Best Editor - Apoorva Motiwale Sahay and Ashish Mhatre and Best Production Design - Satish Chipkar. Where in Anandi Gopal; another Zee Studio's film won whooping seven awards at Sakal Premiere Awards, including Best Film - Anandi Gopal, Best Director - Sameer Vidwans, Best Actor - Lalit Prabhakar, Best Lyricist - Vaibhav Joshi, Best Music Director - Jasraj, Saurabh, Hrishikesh, Best Playback Singer - Ketaki Mategaonkar and Sharayu Date (Rang Maliyela) and Special Jury Award Most Promising Actress Bhagyashree Milind.

Finally, Anandi Gopal being chosen as the Best Film and Lalit Prabhakar - Best Actor at the prestigious 18th Pune International Film Festival. It's very propitious to have been appreciated by critics after having well received in theatres by viewers of Maharashtra and beyond.

Report By: Prajakta Chavarkar
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