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Zee Telugu news team to the rescue

Jun 13, 2007
Jun 13, 2007 

Abject poverty and lack of support did not deter 104-year old Nagamma from dreaming big for her grand children Nagarjuna and Indira Gandhi. She doggedly pursued her dream of educating and securing their future, and found new avenues opening up thanks to the help extended by the Zee Telugu News Team.


Nagamma had lost her son and daughter-in-law but refused to lose hope of seeing her grandchildren building a life for themselves. Driven by determination, she resorted to seeking alms to raise money for her grandchildren's education. And they complemented her efforts by scoring 90 per cent in the Class X examination.  


Jaisimha Reddy, Zee Telugu news correspondent from Kurnool, came across the grand old woman's hardships and was moved by the family's plight. He immediately featured a story on her on Zee Telugu. The story received a generous responses form viewers.


The Sri Vaishani Academy in Hyderabad came offered a two-year intermediate education and IIT coaching free of cost along with free stay at the hostel. The Zee Telefilms Relief Fund has also forwarded Rs 16,000 to Nagamma.  


Kudos to the Zee Telugu news team for chipping in their bit for a social cause.