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Zee Telugu to capture your prime-time slot with a meaningful storyline of the new show 'Subhasya Seeghram'

Jan 23, 2023
Zee Telugu has constantly created a revolution in the Telugu entertainment industry with fresh and innovative ideas and showing the world a great new way to enjoy every time.  Coming up with exciting twists and turns with stories well crafted, the channel has always raised standards and never skipped a chance to entertain the viewers. In the upcoming week as well, Zee Telugu is all set to introduce a new show titled, 'Subhasya Seeghram', premiering on January 23rd at 7 pm which will surely keep the viewers thoroughly engaged. 

With back-to-back refreshing and new offerings, Zee Telugu has given a mind-blowing start to this New Year. Now the channel is all set to offer a heart-warming family drama filled with sentimental, and strong moral values, providing the viewers with a new perspective towards daily soaps. Subhasya Seeghram portrays the story of a middle-class household girl Krishna (played by Krishna Priya) who has a brave and bold personality. When Krishna and her siblings come of marriageable age, the question of their wealth turns into a burden and societal pressure mounts up. She then meets Radha Govind (played by Mahesh Babu) - a calculative businessman with an icy demeanour and loathes the idea of marriage. After several unpleasant meetings and tiffs, both Krishna & Radha turn at loggerheads.

Radha's only aim is to safeguard his family and becomes a wall of steel around them. But fate has other plans as Krishna begins to work at Radha's lifestyle store unknown to her that he owns it. The storyline is exciting and intriguing and will definitely keep the viewers hooked to the show. What will happen when Krishna gets to know that she is working for Radha? Will their ego and self-respect come in the way of their faith? That's something you will have to find out when the show premieres on 23rd January.

Other artistes such as Sandra Jayachandran will be seen as Vishnu Priya, Bhavna as Tara & Uma as Ranamma, will be seen in key roles. Their performances will be something to watch out for.
With the launch of Subhasya Seeghram, Radhamma Kuthuru will be shifted to Mon to Sat, 6:30PM & Devathalara Deevinchandi to Mon to Sat, 6PM. 

Don't miss out on this fresh drama that unfolds between Krishna and Radha in this engaging new show 'Subhasya Seeghram' premiering on January 23rd at 7 pm, only on Zee Telugu

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