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Zee Teluguís unique game show for women

Apr 14, 2008
Apr 14, 2008 

Zee Telugu has launched a unique game show for women, Aadavari Matlaki. This fun game show is open to women of the same family, relatives or close acquaintances. The programme brings out the dynamics of love, jealousy and hatred by gauging the level of understanding or the differences between the participants.


The show is a mixture of games, gifts and questions which reveal the sweet and sour characteristics that make a woman. At the end of each one hour episode there is one clear winner.


The show is being anchored by Uday Bhann. Suresh production which is one of the biggest production houses of Andhra Pradesh is producing the show. The show promises to be a treat to women who are fed up with the bubble gum serials.



Report by: Arun Tej


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