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Zee TV Africa showcases Content to Media in Durban

Nov 27, 2017

South Africa celebrated 157 years of Indians arriving on its shores in Durban on 16th November 1860, and Zee TV Africa unveiled its upcoming content to an excited media contingent commemorating the Indian presence in the country.

The coastal city has been a special location for the Zee TV Africa brand as it has one of the largest concentration of Indians outside of India in a city and has always displayed great support and loyalty to the flagship Zee TV brand, since its inception 25 years ago.

Zee TV Africa CEO, Harish Goyal was on hand to issue a warm welcome to the entertainment media and outlined content offerings for the next 6 months for the Zee channel brands, namely Zee TV, Zee Bollymovies and Zee World. The rebranded look and feel was also met with great excitement and media enthused about the “refreshing” the new brand logos.

“We wanted to do this Upfront in Durban especially for our mainstream media colleagues, who have always supported us and have a genuine knowledge and passion for our brand. The upcoming fresh content certainly generated excitement and the vision that we outlined for the next few years was met with a positive reaction,” said Harish Goyal, CEO AFRICAS.

Report By: Tom Kiat    
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