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Zee TV and Shiv Shakti dance group come together to promote Indian culture in the Caribbean

Nov 28, 2019
Often cited as Caribbean's premiere East India Dance Company, the Shiv Shakti Dance Company has carved a niche in the entertainment industry & is considered to be one of the most distinguished dance groups in the Caribbean & to a greater extent in the Western Hemisphere.

Founded by Michael Salickram in 1987, Shiv Shakti Dance Group has won accolades everywhere they have performed & concocted sensations especially in North America, The Caribbean & India. Since its establishment it has won every East Indian Dance competition in Trinidad & Tobago and have also proven themselves as true cultural aficionadas amongst their contemporaries, in every cultural arena.

Along with other accolades & awards, in 2019, their Junior Group, the Swastika Dancers received four awards from the Office of the Governor of Culture's first ever National Youth Culture & the Arts Awards Ceremony held at Queen's Hall this year.

However, there is more to Shiv Shakti than being just a dance group. For the past thirty-two-years they have been engaged in community outreach programs & conducted workshops in Trinidad, Tobago, Guyana, Suriname & New York. These sessions seek to inform, educate & inculcate the art & discipline of dance to persons who are interested in learning more about arts & culture.

Michael Salickram quoted, “Like Zee TV, Shiv Shakti is culturally rich. We live in such a diverse land where people just love & appreciate any art form. As Zee TV does with its shows, Shiv Shakti with its dance promotes unity & harmony in diversity.

With this collaboration, Zee TV & Shiv Shakti look at creating a legacy that is second to none in the cultural landscape of Trinidad & Tobago.

Report By: Pooja Sharma
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