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Zee TV Introduces Piyaa Albela Leads to its Audiences through Terribly Tiny Tales

Mar 08, 2017

Through its vibrant and dynamic presence in the social media space, Zee TV continues to be at the helm of innovation and creativity amongst the Hindi GECs. The channel has, yet again, pushed the envelope and introduced audiences to the lead protagonists of its upcoming show Piyaa Albela through a truly unique route called 'Terribly Tiny Tales'.

With well-crafted, imaginative tales on #PiyaaAlbela that can be sampled on Zee TV's official Facebook page and Twitter handle, the channel aims to acquaint viewers with various facets of Pooja and Naren, the lead couple of Piyaa Albela. Over a span of 8 days, a series of 8 crisp tales, less than 140 characters each, will bring alive Naren and Pooja's personality traits and build intrigue around their love story that is all set to unfold on air from 6th March, every Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM on Zee TV.

Another highlight of the marketing campaign for Piyaa Albela is the show's poster creative that was unveiled by producer Sooraj R. Barjatya at the recent Kalaghoda Art festival in Mumbai. The beautiful illustration of the show's poster creative is a dramatic art interpretation that sets the stage for a modern-day interpretation of a classic love story.

Produced by Rajshri Productions spearheaded by the legendary film-maker Sooraj R. Barjatya, Piyaa Albela will premiere at 8:30 PM on Monday, 6th March every Monday to Friday only on ZEE TV. Piya Albela is the story of Naren, a poor little rich boy lost in the pursuit of answers to some of life's unanswered questions and Pooja, a practical girl with a warm, sociable and charming personality. Having spotted Pooja, Naren's parents are convinced that it would take a girl of her personality traits to befriend their son, understand him and win him over. Watch what happens when a worried set of parents approach Pooja to get him out of his spiritual slumber and wake him up to the practicalities of the real world.

Don't miss the premiere of this magical love story where two opposite people come together in Piyaa Albela premiering at 8:30 PM on Monday, 6th March every Monday to Friday, only on Zee TV!

Report By: Krapika Singh Jat    
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