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Zee TV lends a helping hand to the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas

Sep 05, 2017

Hurricane Harvey is an active tropical cyclone which is causing unprecedented and catastrophic flooding in Houston, Texas. The resulting floods have inundated thousands of homes, displacing more than 30,000 people and has prompted 15,000 rescues. Harvey has caused approximately 50 (unconfirmed) deaths so far and the toll is rising at an alarming rate.

Houston is one of the biggest hubs of the South Asian community in Southern Eastern Texas. When a natural disaster strikes, all you can do is pray and help; and help we did. With so many of our South Asian families living in Houston, we at ZEE Americas had to mobilize what we could. Zee TV's local office in Houston donated a bunch of necessary items to the George R Brown Convention Center which is currently housing 10,000+ evacuees. We hope the families in Houston continue to stay strong. We at ZEE Americas are praying for Texas!

Report By: Salome Mehta    
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