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Zee TV update on DID – Watch Rakhi Sharma and Mahi Gill this weekend

Mar 13, 2009
Mar 13, 2009 

Among the highlights of this week’s events at Dance India Dance (DID) has Rakhi Sharma, the Punjabi speaking NRI participant, do something totally unexpected. Rakhi nominates herself to be ousted from the competition as she believes the mentors take her very lightly.


On the judgment day, just when master Remo was contemplating who he should nominate to leave the show; Rakhi stepped out of the queue and shocked everyone by saying, “I would like to nominate myself”.


The ever smiling Rakhi who always had people in peels of laughter was suddenly teary eyed. “People think I’m only an entertainer and that I cannot dance. I want to prove myself. I want people to remember me as a dancer and not an entertainer,” she further said.   


Rakhi’s mentor Remo however has a different view and he said, “Had we felt that way about you, you would have been out in the first week itself. You are here purely because of your talent since no other criteria works here on this stage.”


Grandmaster Mithun Da was extremely upset and said to Rakhi, “I simply fail to understand why you guys are putting yourself down. You are one of the best. By nominating yourself, you are also insulting your mentor.”


Rakhi did cheer up after hearing these words of encouragement. Watch this weekend’s episodes of Dance India Dance to find out who master Remo nominates.


Another highlight this week is the special performance by Gulaal actress Mahi Gill.


Report by: Priyanka Rumde

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