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Zee TV USA brings Bollywood Dancing to Mainstream America - Organizes the First-Ever National Bollywood Dance Competition 'Dance USA Dance' for Non-Indians

Sep 11, 2017

Zee TV USA created history by recently organizing the FIRST EVER National Bollywood Dance Competition called 'DANCE USA DANCE' in the UNITED STATES that took Indian Cinema and Bollywood Music to a whole new level. The main purpose of this reality TV show is to increase and expose its entrants to the Southeast Asian culture. This was achieved by utilizing only Indian music.

The workshops for the competition were conducted by none other than the Legendary Bollywood Choreographer MASTER SAROJ KHAN - who's made an outstanding contribution to the growth of Indian Cinema, has choreographed more than 2000 films & won countless awards! These workshops were held in 6 major states - California, Washington D.C., Florida, Georgia, Seattle & New York. The selected dance teams then competed against those that came from across the states. The grand finale was held at Ritz Theater in New Jersey.

This successful national dance competition allowed over 200 dancers from all over the country to come together in New Jersey and perform in front of over a thousand attendees and world renowned dancers and choreographers. The performers had the opportunity to win cash prizes and more importantly have India's most legendary choreographer Saroj Khan and Broadway judges David Guggino and Ryan Daniel Beck witness and judge their performances at the event.

This 4 episode-series premieres on September 9th in US, Canada and Caribbean on Zee TV.

Report By: Minal Chauhan    
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