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ZEEL MD & CEO, Punit Goenka and CEO - International Broadcast Business, Amit Goenka feature in IMPACT's 13th Anniversary Special edition - 'The Good Luck Issue'

Jan 09, 2018

The 13th Anniversary special edition of leading trade magazine, IMPACT titled 'The Good Luck Issue' features Punit Goenka, MD & CEO, ZEEL on the cover along with other industry stalwarts.

The issue also features columns by Mr. Punit Goenka & Mr. Amit Goenka on their interpretation of what 'luck' means to them respectively.

Click here to read Mr. Punit Goenka's column

Click here to read Mr. Amit Goenka's column

IMPACT is a leading trade magazine which highlights the weekly advertising, media and marketing news. The 13th Anniversary special edition features columns by industry leaders on what 'good luck' means to them, whether it be their take on luck in the context of their careers, stories around luck that they have come across, people who they think have been incredibly lucky in the industry, stories around a lucky charm or thing or person in their lives, or even an anti-take if they did not believe in 'luck' at all.

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