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A Wonderful World Of Amazing Stories Awaits You This June On &PrivéHD's Privé Collection

Jun 04, 2021
While the winds of change usher in the pleasant monsoons, you can look forward to a wonderful world of amazing stories in store for you this June on &PriveHD, the premium destination of nuanced cinema. Unwind every night with a new title from the vast library of spectacular cinema with 'Prive Collection' airing weeknights at 9. For the weekends, rest easy. Simply tune into a selection of the finest award-winning movies with 'Prive Handpicked' every Sunday at 1PM and 9PM only on &PrivéHD. Entertainment like this will truly make your weekends worth the while.

As the tensions rise, strap in for a month of high intensity and fascinating movies, be it a gripping drama or a superhero action. &PrivéHD makes it easier for you to sit back and tune-in to a world of wonder with Prive Collection. Flashback to a dorky dorm in Harvard University, where a kid thinks up a revolutionary idea to connect every single person, everywhere globally and voila! Facebook is born. Academy Award winning movie 'The Social Network,' directed by David Fincher is based on the life of the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Starring BAFTA Award nominee Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and singer sensation Justin Timberlake, this movie is but a brief glimpse into the tattered past of the world's largest Social Media platform. Marvel Comic's first black superhero in and as Black Panther starring the late Golden Globe winner Chadwick Boseman is said to be the best of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Other movies as part of this collection include Disney's Wall-E, Pearl Harbour starring Ben Affleck, Greta Gerwig's Little Woman and many more.

From now on, there's something to look forward to on weeknights with a repertoire of the choicest tales as part of Prive Handpicked. Golden Globe winner Liam Neeson finds himself the sole victim of a crime he has no idea of. At his wit's end, his escape lies in searching for the true killer in this thrilling time bound chase in 'The Commuter'. A ten-year long war and a pan worldwide manhunt for the world's most wanted criminal finally comes to an end in Multi-award-winning film 'Zero Dark Thirty' starring Academy Award winner Jessica Chastain. You now have the choice to plan your weekends into fun movie nights with friends and family. What are you waiting for?

Celebrate the love for cinema with a selection of the finest movies this June with Prive Collection and Prive Handpicked only on &PrivéHD

Report By: Aubrey Mendonsa
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