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Ekal Foundation and Zee TV USA join hands to raise money for COVID-19 surge in rural India

Jun 11, 2021
Ekal Foundation is a non-profit organization on a mission to bring basic education to every child across rural India. India currently is grappling with the second wave of COVID 19 pandemic, EKAL Foundation along with Zee TV USA has quickly pivoted to address, help, and act against the critical situation in India. This time around COVID 19 pandemic is impacting not only the metropolitan areas but the rural villages in India are at a greater risk this time around. All the focus of the grave situation revolved mainly around the urban areas and rural-tribal areas received scant notice.

The current rapid surge of CO-VID 19 cases has put immense pressure on the health systems, already overburdened since the start of the pandemic. Along with Zee TV USA, EKAL Foundation is fighting to protect India's remotest villages from COVID 19. The current surge of pandemic is spreading rapidly in India and Children and Families in 100,000 rural villages are at grave risk. EKAL Foundation's swift action with the help of Zee TV USA has mobilized critical CO-VID19 supplies into India as an example of Global Solidarity that is required to address a global threat and requires assistance in bringing them medical equipment and health services.
Since partnering up with Zee TV USA to help raise funds, EKAL Foundation has made provisions for hundreds of beds along with dispensing Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Allopathic medicines as deemed necessary. Also, EKAL is appealing nationally and internationally to its donor-base to contribute to its various relief-work packages. $50 will help contribute diagnostics per village, $500 will help setting up Telehealth Lifelines for 30 villages, $5,000 will help sustain per COVID Center and $5,000 will financially help per COVID victim family.
Zee TV USA and Ekal Foundation are very active in creating awareness and raising the necessary funds for this unprecedented fight against the pandemic and are confident that with everyone's help, it can defeat this deadly virus. Donations and more information can be found by visiting www.ekal.org/us


Report By: Siddhen Doshi
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