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Sankara Eye Foundation with help from Zee Americas raise $60,000 towards curing blindness in India

Apr 27, 2021
India has the largest population of the world's blind, with over 45 Million visually impaired and 12 Million of them totally blind. Each year, one million more people are added to these statistics and nearly 80% of them can easily be cured if only they receive the treatment. But unfortunately, majority of these people lack the knowledge and/or the funds required for the procedures. This is where Sankara Eye Foundation steps in, today, SEF is the biggest and the most trusted free eyecare provider in the world and to date has performed over 2.2 Million free eye surgeries. IN USA, Sankara Eye Foundation raises funds to support eye care providers in India for free eye surgeries and construction of eye hospitals.

In San Francisco, April 11th, 2021 marked the inauguration of the first ever virtual 'Sankara iWalk/Run for Vision.' Organized by Sankara Eye Foundation this virtual event had people participate from across the globe for a noble, to cure blindness. Over the years Sankara Eye Foundation has organized 'Walk-A-Thon,' which has attracted 5,000 attendees, each year but this year due to the on-going pandemic, SEF hosted a virtual event where dedicated and passionate volunteers took the challenge and successfully pulled off this first ever virtual event. This year 'Sankara iWalk/Run for Vision, 'attracted over 3,000 attendees from around the globe and since the event was held virtually, it facilitated all participants to walk/run at their convenience either by hiking, running or even when they were shopping, for this event, every step mattered.

This year, team Zee Americas was immensely proud to have been associated and be a part of a noble cause like this. Sankara Eye Foundation along with Team Zee Americas propitiously accomplished the first ever iWalk/Run event. Age group of all participants ranged from 3 years to 80 years old & energy of all participants during this event was infectious and electrifying. With iWalk/Run for Vision, Zee Americas has managed to reach out to over 3000+ attendees and over 200,000+ Indian households in the USA and supported the goal of having raise funds to support 3,000 free eye surgeries.”

This is the first of many such magnanimous and worthy initiatives and Zee Americas with Sankara Eye Foundation aims at marching together so that those needlessly blind can be presented with their vision to see this beautiful world.

Report By: Siddhen Doshi

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