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World Television Premiere of Vakeel Saab on Zee Telugu Paints the Telugu States RED!

Jul 19, 2021
Zee Telugu telecasted the biggest blockbuster of 2021 Vakeel Saab as a premiere movie on Sunday, 18th July. The publicity campaign around the World Television premiere was something that was talked about by everyone in the market; fans, followers, memers. Starting from the giant graffiti on the streets of Hyderabad to a special flexi graffiti at Annapurna Studios, nothing was left unturned. The special edits repurposing the archival content from the team during the promotions of the theatrical release received massive applause on social media. Adding to the list, fans appreciated the special integration of Drama Juniors kids in the marketing campaign. From memes to National Trends on Twitter the whole week was a festival that was being celebrated by the fans of Pawan Kalyan & the channel. Zee Telugu created a new benchmark in the Telugu market for Television premieres with Vakeel Saab.

Here are few reactions from fans for Vakeel Saab World Television Premiere:









Following this, this Sunday Zee Telugu is coming up with another massive celebratory festive event titled “Aashadamlo Atha Kodallu” which will be celebrating the month of Ashadham. With fun games and the innovative idea of bringing Mothers-in-law & Daughters-in-law together, this will be  an event to look after.

Report By: Deepak Battineni 
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