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You have the choice to plan your evening the way you like it with Pick Your Flix on &flix

Jun 08, 2021
Is staying indoors leaving you powerless? It's time to get your power back with your choice of the movie now back on the table. Take control of your favourite destination of the biggest Hollywood hits and #LeapForth into a world of amazement you crave for. Bring on the excitement your life needs and get the adventure you desire by visiting &flix's Facebook or Instagram page and vote for how you would you like to be entertained this month only with 'Pick Your Flix'. Commencing Tuesday, 8th June, you have the freedom to plan your movie nights with everyone every weeknight at 9PM on &flix.

If you had three wishes, wouldn't you wish to have the movie of your desire airing every night on television? &flix is here to make that come true this month of June. With blockbusters such as Sci-Fi movie 'Life' starring Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal, Director Jeff Wadlow's Fantasy Island, mega blockbuster disaster film 2012, Dwayne Johnson starrer Jumanji: The Next Level and many more, viewers can now go to &flix's Facebook and Instagram page and vote for their favourite movie they would wish to see on TV. The movie garnering maximum votes will be aired as 'the chosen movie' on weekdays!  #LeapForth into the freedom of watching your favourite blockbuster this summer amidst doing everything that you love and want.

Your choice of entertainment this June as &flix commences 'Pick Your Flix, weeknights at 9 PM
Report By: Aubrey Mendonsa
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