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Zee Biskope made a clean sweep at ACEF 10th Global Customer Engagement Awards

May 03, 2021
ZEE Biskope was launched in December 2019 with a promise to be the one-stop destination for every Bhojpuri movie lover. Leaving no stones unturned towards providing them the very best of Bhojpuri entertainment, ZEE Biskope has been a game-changer in the category which enhanced viewer experience through curated offerings and campaigns that go beyond the realm of cinema. ZEE Biskope's marketing strategy is based on novelty and connectivity. Since launch, the channel has been continuously creating new windows for the younger audience to participate and celebrate in Bhojpuriyat. Viewer engagement has always been a conscious pillar of the brand serving Bhojpuri entertainment in an authentic, consumer led space with innovation at its core. The same has been applauded at various Marketing Award forums. The channel added another feather to its cap by winning 13 metals (8 Gold, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze) at the recently held 10 ACEF Global Customer Engagement Awards. Having set an unprecedented milestone, an industry first, ZEE Biskope has been able to bring to the Bhojpuri entertainment space the much-deserved recognition that was long due.

The channel targets the younger audience who are high energy innovation seekers. Content innovation catches their attention and ZEE Biskope has been at the forefront of it. The humungous participation of viewers in each of the initiatives is an evidence to that.  While campaigns like Talent Camera Action & Kamariya Kare Hip Hop gave the viewers a platform to showcase their talents and earn fame, tech innovations like Emoji Lahariya & Labhlitis Messiah touched their hearts giving the young viewers novelty in a way they would enjoy most on social. While Birthday Lahariya gave them an opportunity to win ZEE Biskope anniversary edition goodies, Litti Chokha Diwas made them celebrate the best moments of enjoying their favourite cuisine. Each one of these category first initiatives provided them with an opportunity to feature on the channel and thereby get closer to the brand feeling the 'apnapan'. Staying true to its values and ethos of 'customer first', the channel has delivered appealing engagement formats to prove its mettle and bring the well-deserved honor home. The channel will continue to bring many such initiatives even this year.

Detailed List of Awards Win 
  • Gold: Grand Pix Award: Most Admired Television Channel for Customer Engagement: ZEE Biskope
  • Gold: Individual Award: Young Customer Engagement Professional of the year (Television): Jit Sengupta
  • Gold: Digital Marketing: Effectiveness: Talent Camera Action
  • Gold: PR: Effectiveness: Birthday Lahariya
  • Gold: Digital Marketing: Innovation: Labhlitis Messiah
  • Gold: Digital Marketing: Successful Use of Technology: Labhlitis Messiah
  • Gold: Artificial Intelligence: Innovation: Labhlitis Messiah
  • Gold: Most Admired Customer Engagement PODCAST: TV: Brand Song
  • Silver: Digital Marketing: Successful Use of Technology: Emoji Lahariya
  • Silver: Television: Creativity: Launch Brand Films
  • Silver: Most Admired Customer Engagement PODCAST: TV: Litti Chokha Anthem
  • Bronze: Most Admired Customer Engagement PODCAST: TV: Brand Song Rap
  • Bronze: Experiential Marketing: Effectiveness: Launch Stunt

It's encouraging to see that the brand's passion to bring alive the vibrant Bhojpuri culture through its hyperlocal offerings is being recognized in such an esteemed forum. These awards are an endorsement of what ZEEL believes in at being native to the region that it caters to and also of its firm conviction about Bhojpuri deserving the stature that is due to it. Power to Bhojpuri. Power to ZEE Biskope. 

The channel is motivated to grow from strength to strength and break new ground in the industry as the ultimate Bhojpuri entertainer. Zee Biskope is available on Airtel (channel no 663), Tata Sky (channel no 1120), DEN Bihar(channel no 840), DEN Jharkhand (channel no 839), DD Free Dish (channel no 31), d2h (channel no 859), Dish TV (channel no 1555), Siti Cable (channel no 214) and Darsh Digital (channel no 189).

Report By: Jit Sengupta 
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